Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Now Playing: Jacques Green Remix of Kelly Rowland's "Motivation"

I recently discovered Viva Radio, an online radio station dedicated playing mostly non-mainstream music. It was also a welcome change from the mainstream hip-hop/top 40 stations that tend to listen to while driving around LA.    While listening to the station, I discovered a remix of Kelly Rowland's Motivation by Jacques Greene that I liked.  You can listen to it here: StumbleUpon

Friday, May 4, 2012

Bhangra: Hurrr!

Just found this Bhangra song. Apparently "Hurrr!" has replaced "Burrrah!"  Kind of sounds like a cat purring!  Cute ;)


PS- Pardon my Valley Girl talk, but why do Punjabi Record Labels have to be so freakin' ghetto???  Why do they always have to ruin songs by plugging: "Available on I-Tunes Now!" StumbleUpon

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Random: Road Trip!

This weekend I was one of a few Fashion Bloggers (along with my sister) to be selected to attend Lucky Magazine's Lucky FABB Fashion and Beauty Blog conference! We had soooo much fun! I got the chance to hob-nob with a few stars (like Jessica Alba and Punky Bruster!) as well as tons of the most influential people in Fashion!

On the way to the conference, my sister and I were listening to the radio and randomly ran across this 2000 Hip-Hop classic by Common.  I made my sister Shazam it (since I was driving!) and to my surprise, it was a song that didn't already own (but a song I knew very well!)  Once I got home I immediately looked up the video (which I had never seen before either!) and discovered that it featured yet another of my favorite artists, Erykah Badu! So glad to have re-discovered this song...


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bollywood Flashback: Kehna Hai Kya

I noticed the other day that I've been neglecting Bollywood (and Bhangra) songs recently!  Not to worry, I went back and found one of my favorite Bollywood songs of all times:  Kehna Hai Kya from the 1995 film "Bombay." Enjoy!

P.S.-More Bhangra on the way too ;) StumbleUpon

Friday, April 20, 2012

Flashback Friday: Gang Starr

The years I spent in NYC were some of my best yet! It's where I learned to DJ, where I got my first solo gig, where I first played in a club, etc. And although there are a lot of Hip-Hop artists based out of New York, Gang Starr has always been my favorite! Here my top 3 Gang Starr songs:

1. "Royalty"- Gang Starr

2. "Mass Appeal"- Gang Starr

3. "Full Clip"- Gang Starr


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Now Playing: I Like That

Kind of liking this song today... It could be good for mixing...

"I Like That" is not exactly the most unique title though, here are a few other songs with similar titles: