Monday, December 12, 2011

Gettin' Desi With Heineken!

I just discovered this Heineken commercial the other day and was excited to hear a familiar old Bollywood tune!  Now, though I was familiar with the song "Jaan Pehchan Ho", I have yet to see the film in which it was featured: "Gumnaam" (1965).  Here's a brief description of the film taken from IMDb:

"Eight people are trapped on an island when their plane abandons them. They find a large mansion whose butler is expecting them. Then one by one, they die..."

Intriguing!  Makes me want to whip up a batch of my infamous Chaat Masala Popcorn and chug down an ice cold "Thumbs Up"!  Or better yet, I might just whip up a batch of Spiked Chai!

Heineken Bollywood Inspired Commercial: "The Date"

Original song from the film Gumnaam: "Jan Pehchan Ho"


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