Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Now Playing... Digital Underground Vs. Velvet Underground

Someone forced me to listen to Velvet Underground the other day.  At first I was really excited... and then I realized that I was thinking of Digital Underground!  Don't get me wrong, 60's rock is great, but nothing beats listening Shock G!  Shock G is afterall the one who put the satin on our panties ;)  No, but seriously these guys are hilarious!  So on that note here are my top 3 favorite Digital Underground songs...

And here's the song I was forced to listen to... I could definitely figure out a way to work this in to a hip-hop set somehow ;)

PS- Did you know Shock G is part Desi???  His Nani was Half Pakistani/Half Indian! Kya baat hai! StumbleUpon

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