Thursday, February 16, 2012

Now Playing... Bad Boy 4 Life (La Mode Bad Mother Fucker Remix)

A few years ago, when I was an intern at Asylum Records, our office was on the same floor as Diddy's office.   Everyday I went to work hoping that when the elevator doors opened up I would bump into Diddy!  Alas, that never happened, but I did get to chat up L.A. Reid in the elevator once :)  Anyway, so I haven't been able to get this La Mode Bad Mother Fucker house version of P. Diddy's "Bad Boy 4 Life" out of my head!  Only when I sing this song I like to say "We ain't goin' nowhere cus it's Good Girl 4 Life!"  (FYI "Good" is my last name;)

For some reason I don't recall the video for the original song from 2002 ...

Kinda lame... I see why it wasn't so memorable :P  But I still like the song. StumbleUpon

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